Wednesday, October 24, 2007

happy soul. healthy heart.

today a lady(malay? indian?) came walking around with a HUGE plastic bag. inside were pink boxes(you know ciplak looking boxes with printed roses on top, easily bought at cake shops) . a lot of pink boxes...-_- on her hand she held one. she went from table to table to sell them. inside there were 9 small cupcakes. nothing fancy. very normal but bearably pleasant to the eye looking cupcakes. 3 type of flavours. you can choose others if you wish.

RM10 per box she said.

it's all in the aid for charity(is my sentence even correct...hahaha anyway, it's for charity enough said)

she came to our table. we politely shook our heads for RM10 = to my 2 days lunches. though i have to admit the blueberry smell was getting to me. plus the food i ordered never seem to come.(to which i really feel like ranting bout the chau kueh teow seller. ugh! the fact that it wasn't even mine! i was helping 40tripleD order! but nvmmm.....*fuhfuh...*)

i looked at her after she was gone. from table to table she approach yet everyone waved their hands. looked sad. how come no one was willing to buy a box of cupcake...furthermore it was for charity(taking that she is not lying) i am sure half the crowd can afford it easily. maybe cause they don't see the point buying..might as well just give the money or..they simply don't like cupcakes...or...cuppacakes though a lot more expensive was worth the money.

i don't know.

but in the end, i walked towards her. midst of all the tables, stopped her and bought a box. i don't know it was out of pity or the thought of eating cupcakes was really getting into my blood. how to resist desserts?! ARGH*!!!!!

felt so poor that day-_- since i did not expect my mee to be RM4.50 (kns flour raise, mee raise ONCE come salary no raise huh?! *point fingers*) the end cause goldfish's pan mee sucks.....i gave her half my bowl of mee and ate the cupcakes.

Thank God for the cupcakes then LOL.

for a charity thing, at least the cupcakes were edible( of the flavour tasted kinda good)...well.. if she lied and it wasn't for charity.. at least, it cured my "beh song" feelings.

(was feeling lifeless.again.the past few days-_-..i think i need to meditate)

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