Thursday, October 11, 2007


as i have mentioned before, the house turned office (but still house) was undergoing major. MAJOR. renovation. i mean it cause it involves hacking off walls and rebuilding the music studio.

which is now ready!! 111!!

(whats with the 111 anyway?)

it is ALMOST donelarh. almost. LOL. but nevertheless, it is like *finally* we have waited until my fingernails grew long and i have cut it twice!(more reasonable than neck grew long what)

it was in the final stages and today was the day the timber floor was going to be.....i don't know actually..waxed? something is going to be done to make it "pretty, oh so pretty" kinda thing.

"eh comecome, help us cover all these, don't want later when they do the floor, dust get all over the cloth. very difficult" (i don't know what is it in the studio..but black thing covered with cloth..i assume something to vacumn the soundlar)
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so we pastepastepaste. the fact that i am short, makes it much harder to reach although i am on the stool...kns 40tripleD scared of heights pulak! *roar*

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we were about to finish..but not really as music studio consists of 2 rooms. the "jamming" part and the "control" room... we were about to finish the "jamming" section when suddenly the floor people came...the "waxers"...then.........

" need already, their machines suck up all the dust wan"


zha dou .com!!!!!

but that's okay cause tmr is a "holiday" (EVERYONE took leave so i requested to stay at home and work instead of going to the office kuakua) and we lost quite a lot of calories(for sure already this one)

yea baby~~: D : D: D

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