Monday, October 8, 2007

i feel so happy and gay(let's keep it this way)


kuakuakua. went to off my didi's lights and this is what he said amidst his sleep.
"oh..thank dick was getting cold"

.....: D

HAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA: P *sings* tea makes the family together* somehow my whole family woke up with eyebags cause all of us apparently did not sleep well last night. now we know, do not drink tea after 9pm.

oh and the weather was so finnnneeeeeee this morning, the house turned office is almost done: P*starts singing* i wish i can show you how i did my work this morning!!!~the good weather got into me: P
Oh the chair i was gushing about? i googled it and this is what i got....-_- cause i remember the chair description was "wing chair" so....yarh. google kills LOL (or was it getty images)

but this IS THE ONE. of course the one i saw was gazillion times nicer!! i really really love a small corner with the chair, a table for a pot of tea(dont carela chinese tea also can) , a plate of cookies and books!!! ahhh!!! *going gila* i likeeeeeeeeeeeee. oh with a small lamp!: D omg...T_T i wanted this for a very long time. i really like such corner(it is the same with people substituting the chair with a bean bag or a sofa window thingy)


the chair is RM1.4k



i think i am gonna DRAW the sofa on the wall larh. since i wanted to "vectorize" my wall but don't know how to do it. vectorize one lamp. one table with tea and books and the chair-_- BLack on a purple wall.(or yellow: P) HOW?! nice a not?! LOL-_- at least this one i can afford.

then in the very same corner i will just buy an easel and do my work therelarh-_-

reality wise is that the chair is highly impossible to own(maybe 10 years down the roadlarh) so....i will just have to see what i can do to satisfy myself. *puffs*


  1. i love your cartoons...

    can teach how to draw??


  2. i am also in love with chairs like that. preferably old Victorian era kinda. the gothicness and comfortableness just cannot tahan man. i wish i also got money to buy. i think drawing the wall with that chair is a good solution.

  3. Did I heard right... RM1.4...k!??!?

    wow, must be so nice sitting on it XD

  4. emily : sorry dear, i don't think i have the qualifications to teach^^'' and you just have to draw. i dont have any fix step.

    fizah : hahahaha finally someone who says the same! my mom said it's for old ladies who have too much time and sit there, look at the gardens outside while sipping tea-_- bet she is saying that so i dont manja my dad to actually get it. hur

    ichi: LOLOL!!~niceeeeeeeT_TT_T my bum misses it.