Tuesday, October 2, 2007

silly ol' me

while walking towards sexay chan's car at the curve.we were talking as usual as le'm has announce that day we can talk for 10 hours non stop.

i suddenly bent down to pick up

10 cents.

": D well, it is still 10 cents!"

i continued talking with her
when suddenly

"ehhhhh got another 10 cents!"

picked it up again

"wahh a lot of money" i proclaimed.
"uh-huh, it is your lucky day" somehow semi sarcastically playing along
"well: D i am now richer by 20 cents!"
"hahahah let's see whether got anymore lar"
"don't be silly of course not!"

"how i know you, like this also can find 20 cents"

"yap: D and i am 2 smiles happier today"
she raised her eyebrow and gave a skeptic smile.


"okaylarh "rich" woman, let's go home"

: D

both photos are by Matthew.
taken off kokorobox forum
i did not ask for permission, hopefully he doesn't whack me: P


  1. ohhhhhhhhh like that huh ?? 20cents a day keeps bulats happy :D hahaha

  2. well at least it gets me 5 sweets. 5 sweets will certainly keep me happy from everyday knses: P

  3. uh.. the pics really nice oh~~ i love the feel~~~