Wednesday, June 6, 2012

pesky lil' red dot

Ignore thy dry skin and FOCUS. FOCUS ON THAT DOT.SPOT.BUMP.ROUND THING. Whatever! Walao-eh. Where got mosquito bite there wan?! SO DAMN ITCHY, IMMA GONNA KILL SOMEONE!!! *BITE* I look like those pasar aunties that constantly scratch their feet...with the other feet (or more like my toenails...really look like i'm doing some monkey action) -_- so un-glam.

Can't even put medicine cause I have to walk right?! Ridiculous!! Wondered what that silly mosquito was thinking when she bit me-_- or maybe it's my new Honey lotion that I should blame on. Sigh*
Well..I did literally kill someone...hahahahaha :P

I think my mom sometimes wonder what bad deed she has done past life to suffer having a daughter like me this life :P


  1. haha i hate it when its itchy under my feet too. when you scratch it, it feels ticklish at the same time haha LG Cinema 3D Smart TV review

  2. HAHAHAHAHA must have been harder for you!! sigh* i don't know why but mosquitoes always like to bite me-_-

  3. really........... how come my dotter act more like 1 aunty then me..... tsk tsk tsk