Sunday, August 6, 2006

cause i heart

.oops..i drew myself toooooooooooo thin...hahahahah: D.

i heart sexay channn!!!!! her 21st birthday today!!!

huehuehue OLD LE LARH!!!!
hope you get a chun boyfriend whos rich enough to pay for our food bills.
hope yuor career take off in a speed of light.
no more bad luck this time around~~hughughug*

sexay : like you meh..still act like small kid ish*
bulat : ......T_T

i suddenly sms-ed her at 3am..cause i suddenly remembered... LOL....cannot be call her..she WILL kill SMS sjerlarh...she will be back tml from Kuantan...maybe karaoke~~i heart karaoke...o m g my obsession~~love*

i heart my papa cause he hearts McD as well

it isnt everyday you get a father who suggest McD instead of the other way round....

shhuushhh**...canot announce i ate gym trainer will slaughter me from head to toe. OUH*T_T

its really sad to hear how people lose weight in tv programmes..those "i lost 33kgs in 3 months" thingy. wah jealousnyer.not that im 33kgs overweight but still...

"woah~~ so how did you lose so much in 3 months?"

"i ate pineapple and yoghurt everyday"
"i didnt carbs for a yearliao"
"i ate cheese cake for breakfast...beef and pineapple for lunch and cheese cake for dinner"
"i ate yoghurt and green tea...or maybe some occasional fruits"
"i ate diet pills..diarhheoa pill...anti depressed pills"


*continue eating McD..cause im lovin it~~: P


  1. i'm from kuantan also! ahh i miss home...

  2. bulat!!!! no nit go gym anymore..
    cos effect also sama saja... =P

  3. i nvr go kuantan before..lolz...i wan to go beaches T_T

    ....kns panda~~you should say~~"gambateh~~bolehbolehh!~"
    put cold water on me pulakT_T

  4. unless u cut down those McD, kfc and etc etc~ if not.. i say gambateh also meaningless.. Muahahaha!

  5. come kuantan alot...beaches such as chempedak and cherating ;)

    dont hear enuff pretty adi. Just exercise to stay healthy can liao.

    devince, bluek bluek.. XD

  6. i din say she is not pretty la dude :x
    waseh.. kena frame sudah~

  7. Oh sweatz~______________~'''

    u 2.....where ever also you 2 war together..

  8. he start 1st one >_<"
    maybe he boring at office wanna find ppl to flame each other lolx

  9. ^no la..this is friendly fire, nothing one ^^ just as in counter strike fire each other wont die =D

    Qiki! u shud put the pic above as your template larh! I almost thought it was part of your blog template XD (the head with the drawing at the bottom one)