Friday, August 11, 2006

Oh lol!!

im gonna skip talking about my whole boring day today.

i mean nothing much ever happens when you spend 2 1/2 hours walking fast in Midvalley passing by everyone as if they had disease hunting for presents den giving up, thus walking into clothes shop and dont like every shirt cause all small size and wanted to buy accessories but dont have the heart to pay RM33 for a super chun bulatbulat bracelet that shines and RM49 for a bracelet that berkilats with stones and heart shapes stuff plus the sales people keep looking at you like you are gonna steal ending up in MPH reading a lot of books..and in the end spend RM60 on books and was late for meeting my mom and forgetting lunch and my dads underwear.....aiaiaiaiai~_~

.typo noob.

so yea..nothing interesting happens when you are walking alone in midvalley on a friday afternoon. hahahahahahahaha: P : P: P

i just wanted to say and sexay chan went to williams to makanmakan just now..gonelarh my whole week diet. then girls will be girls ...can talk for 3 hours there..i think we would have continued if we dint see this familiar car parking across the street.

i stared quite long cause i ..dont dare to confirmed it myself until sexay chan noticed i was staring and confirmed it for me thus..."bulat! it is them..lets pit!"

"boss!! bill!!!"

before i could even find my wallet in my "garbage bag" she paid and fastfast leave liao. hahahahahahahahahaha its weird. so she says cause i used to be close to them at the very least, now we not only avoid if possible but we dont even exchange nods..dont mention helloslarh.

what happened to the friendship we once hold? what happened to kept secrets, gossips, tales, stories, late night yumchas, pinky promises, phone calls, girly whateva and so on? a book that has been read and suddenly put away with a knowing when will the time come that once again you will pick the book and continue reading....start re-reading from beginning or ...just leave it on your bookshelf until years has gone by and you will remember times that has once happened by.

what happened last week during gym..
e cup lyn wants a photo of it...nah~_~

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