Tuesday, August 1, 2006

i can never understand

why am i bothering when its peoples love life... but it somehow feels so weird... VERY VERY WEIRD.

i hope no more sad stories to hear after the last one..ERM...lolz. i kinda patched that last fight for them actually...now i know why my friends always say me.. zzz~_~

i didnt go and kacau patch wan larh....somehow it came to me..then somehow i kautim itlorh...it happened indirectly!!!

im not a director~~T_T im not a tao yan T_T

but yea.i wish them all the happiness and luck althoug until now..i still think its weird. LOL...really maybe its not weird..just that ...its not everyday you hear a 1+ year old guy dating a 7 year older than him girl who has 2 kids..... Erm..

im not gonna butt my 2 cents in like last time. heck caused me tons of kns-ness. but imhere if they wanna..talk..LOL izit even called talking? Please say bye at least to let me know now u wanna cont tokin to ur significant other and dun leave me hanging somewhere like a lost duck.(you know always see ppl sell chicken rice..you see how they hang thier chickens and ducks? ya)

well as the saying goes( created by us haha)

甜甜天..or izit 天天甜

im a 香蕉..remember..~_~

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