Friday, March 6, 2009

adding another number.

a year flies by. yet again.

but somehow no matter what, some things will never change. esp our nicknames hor. ms. audrey chicken. haha :D

we hardly meet up due to my laziness and your busy-ness but somehow every time when we DO meet up, it's as if we just met yesterday. as if at one flip, we manage to get to the page right where we left off and just continue from there. haha it's scary and amazing at the same time really.

from innocent talks, somehow now well...they are still innocent. life is always innocent cause we learn day by day but of course if we were to look back, hahah how much all of us has changed in some ways. how much more we have gone through in some ways. but i am thankful that despite anything and everything that came by, we are always there for one another.

funny how friendship works.
funny how we lasted. how far we have come.
funny how i love you more each day and i know it's here to stay :)
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happy 24th ms.chicken.
may you stay young and pretty and that angels will look after you each day, showering you with happiness and strength *muarks*

okaylarh. that's the only recent photo i have of her since we don't camwhore-_- and ironically that's my birthday photo sigh*

and i tell you it's either cause of our double digit friendship that we can talk kns-ly to each of our moms or we memang kns to begin just the other day when she came.

"so aunt, what you think? he looks okay ar?"
*shows some guy picture on her handphone
"wah i need my bad what.."
"he don't look playboy?"
"...hmm..maybe it's cause of his hair..."
"...aunt...HE HAS NO HAIR !!"
"yalo, that's what i meant, maybe cause he has NO"



*a bodo update-clicks*

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