Thursday, March 19, 2009

random days with random happenings

received a miss call and i rushed down to step out of the house just to see my brother's friends downstairs placing chairs and setting the table outside. brushed against my brother and saw this.

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"ehhhh i want!!!!!!!"

he smiled sheepishly and said, "you want leh!:D"

"aiya laterlar, i have to go now!"

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head off to add calories while trying to digest japanese which didn't really work aihs.

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then started to take numerous pictures of this cute card until i have to be dragged away before i rip the card apart and only to find out it was sent by one of the ex-waitress that used to work there and was bullied by us with buaya :P

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drank tea to digest all the calories-_- but i was more fascinated by the height of the glasses hahahahahahahahahah

head back home pretty soon to see the gate wide open with some of my brother's friends on the porch laughing away.


hahahahahahahah they were drinking.

a very tipsy brother came to challenged me one bottoms up to which i replied "you gave me coke! where got alcho?!"

"omg you sei alcoholic! if that's coke, half the world will be floating by now!"

ops* haha

then this greeted me-_-

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guess who had to do the washing-_-

the amazing part was i saw this again
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and then it striked me.

"O M G this is a cocktail shaker/mixer thing is it?!..SHIT i thought it's was bubble tea shaker that's why i said i want!"

"wow kent, your sis was drunk before she even drank anything"


kns people.

and guess what drunk people can do!

no.1 avoid the camera-_- zzzz
no.2 "IS THAT ROCKY?!"

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"yea i bought them for lunch tmr. you want? can take. you want pocky or rocky?"

"of course rocky!!!"

-_- to which pocky replied me on MSN when i told him the incident

"see i told you rocky more famous then pocky. yoularh, my name rocky also let you make until not famous, become pocky"

-_________________________- AIH* why Lord why.

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