Thursday, March 5, 2009

it's a McD life

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brother requested ice-cream so i just went to buy without much thoughts. though so, after i came home...someone else had way too many thoughts.

"what kind of sister are you? you know he's on a diet. how do you intend to help your brother to lose weight if you keep buying ice cream for him?"
"but he said he wanted ma...then i also never think so much. just go buy? suin pin buy for us also what."
"still! you should really think bout it. look at him! you are suppose to help him not make the whole situation worse. don't you love your brother?"

next thing i knew, i was swallowing half his McFlurry while he Dota'ed. yes. i am helping him BY EATING HIS and MINE-_-

Good grief.

next thing i knew, at 7pm. my dear codypops called and...
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yea :P how to reject a sundae when he initiated already?

seriously if you are not an ice-cream fan, either you keep your mouth shut or try joining me :D hahahaha

who knows right?

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