Tuesday, May 26, 2009

my "si lai" hobby

i loveeee grocery shopping!!! :D:D

don't understand how can some people not like. what's there to hate?! please tell me cause i can't seem to find a reason. maybe it's a hidden housewife thing in me. haha-_- sad.

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don't know what isit. don't know how to read. din't bother actually cause i jumped into what girls call..."impulse buy" :D hahahha see. packaging helpsla. it cons people. or maybe just me. but surprisingly doesn't work on people aka looks. hahaha-_- whatgives.

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seriously after today, don't think mom trusts us to go grocery shopping for the house anymore. the family would either die from diabetes or obesity. laughs*

well got my ribena that i have been lusting for veryveryvery long. so far, everybody house i went to has ribena but mine-_-

don't care.

now i can have late night ribena too! *roar* and irritate people on msn while i'm at it haha :D

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