Monday, May 25, 2009

everybody say "awhs"

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this was what mom found in the postbox this morning. it had rm120 inside! talk bout $ka-chings$!!

just to see my babybro's name on the top right. it's actually an envelope from his gfriend, ms.40kg paying him back for helping her fork out money on her behalf first.

so kiute. i don't think i see much effort like these nowadays hahaha

sad to say my bro is an independent fella and his gfriend is ...prolly a bit more clingy. but who am i to judge? i'm just saying according to what i can see. what exactly goes on behind the curtains i will never know.

just hope he can be a bit more sensitive sometimes despite i know he really sayangs her.

cause sometimes i think girls just want a bit more assurance...actions more then words.

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