Saturday, May 23, 2009



!!! ROAR


omg. done and over with. i have like....9 essays to pass up though. hahah my fault for not finishing them sigh*-_-

thick skinly asked for a movie session although i know he was reluctant haha-_- (not gonna ask anymore) so i spent the night watching this.

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for a's really not bad. you know how sometimes sequel sucks. this doesn't. in fact i think there were some parts i had difficulty breathing cause i was laughing so hard. not all. just some. haha wathefishbones. but i think in all, the rest of the cinema was laughing louder and harden then me...i still had exam result worries. laughs*

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then i had the most expensive sweet....rm2 can prob buy like....50 sweets....if 20 cents can buy 5 of 'em. *laughs* ridiculous.

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