Wednesday, September 9, 2009

murder me-_-

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see. before i knew it. i watched another horror/thriller movie.


as compared to "The Orphan" , "Murderer" was ....kinda tame....but it made me feel pissed. at first i was fine...then i was scared. it was freaky, the lil boy was so cute! (spoilerlar don't care.) then will learn to know he's the murderer (or the head/brain behind every killing cause he wanted revenge) this really shows that you really can't judge a book by it's cover and the saying, "the person is beautiful when the inside is as well" cause once i knew he was the murderer...not cute anymore! hello, he's like this 7 year old kid but actually his mind is a 40 year old's man and it's all twisted! i was gonna cry cause it made me feel so scared.

if i was a kindergarten teacher i will think twice bout all the lil kids i'm teaching after this movie! Lord. plus after Aaron Kwok knows he's the murderer but can't do anything bout it cause he planned the killings to have all evidence point back to Aaron Kwok making him sound like the murderer instead. plus the now not so cute and innocent lil boy said things like, "i am now gonna find your wife to sleep. i am thinking of her again."

... so freaky lar T_T

and at the end the kid din't die! *ROAR* from my "oh so cute" feeling, i went to saying out loud, "KILL HIM!!!if you are not gonna kill him, let me do it!"

i seriously felt like killing him-_- *strangle* *stabstabstab*

worse part is the kid did not die in the end and Aaron Kwok was put into jail-_-


what a show. seriously if you like kids like me...i recommend not to watch it. spoils your brain cells. maybe the fact that i'm a girl makes the whole thing feels worse-_-

let's stick to happy normal kids show like...."Baby's Day Out."

damn cute :D

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