Sunday, September 20, 2009

where got ghost?

my face lar.
after watching this movie. i am the ghost. gonna haunt Jack Neo for such movie.
a great waste of my time.

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i love Jack Neo. have always been. since the days he acted in "Liang Por Por". then he made it into the big screen. then...i don't knowlar....when you have a reputation to keep up, you are gonna have to push it further and harder and sometimes it might backfire (im just saying my honest thoughts. not trying to diss a man who worked hard to get where he is right now....i know im contradicting by saying this right? haha-_-) or maybe i'm growing up-_-

or maybe he should not do any comedy horror.
'nuf said.

the only good joke that i really liked from the whole movie was.

"why this orange not sweet wan!?"
"oh boss...this orange..sugar-free.."

whatdakulikulikuakua. hahahahha lame dao....

and my harmonica darling is having a big day tmr. kuakua. me needs to make sure got suckling pig to eat! me definitely looking fwd although it's gonna take some time! my very happiessss :D

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