Wednesday, January 13, 2010

it's the tought that counts

my baby bro has surpassed all creativity. not because he suddenly became great in terms of design but he has mastered the "fuss free yet looks cute and nice" way of doing cards. hahahaha even i am shocked lar. but let's not talk bout his colour sense. cause we both simply clash in that area-_-

every time i see handmade cards..i get...confused..hahaha-_-'' it's that fine line between appreciating someone's hard work for you and criticizing it cause people who study art are kanasai like this-_- very difficult and stressful if you ask me. sigh* you want to love it all but you can't cause you just feel like correcting this colour or changing that idea. gets so frustrating really.

having that said. at least confirm you will never see another same one anywhere and if you ask me. handmade cards only work if you did it for your girlfriend/close friends or if you at least have a decent design sense.

if not sad to say...i realized half the people throw handmade cards esp. after quite some time when it has either no meaning anymore (like you broke off or you don't fancy the admirer) or if it doesn't look pretty.

sad reality for something supposedly meaningful.

let's stick to expensive cards or stick it notes with doodles shall we?

or let's all pray that i have half a heart more to really appreciate from deep within.

whichever works.

but arh surprisingly..despite having this confused cold heart..i so far keep every single card i received the past yearsssssssssssss-_- maybe i really love cards (handmade or not) and just don't realize it.

omg. i'm becoming Dr.Jekyll & Hyde

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