Wednesday, June 14, 2006


"you seelarh cause your dad put that "yu" on yur brothers name now he always fly" " nothing to do with name kua lao ma...mine is angel right? then? do i even act like one dont say look larh"
"...well you did look like an angel when you were young God knows what happened to you..must be all that karma"

"....~_~ kns like this say your daughter you born wan worh!!!!"
"well..i dont care: D you have to go on with your life with that face not me!!"

"...talking bout it.your name so bisexual.."

"actually mom a lot of people thinks my name is guy de..even when last time we bought airplane tickets they wrote there Master but Miss for kent didi right?"
"...yahlarh..but its known what cannot put too girly they say more balanced that way..."
"...balanced my fall out of balance liao..see your daughter skirts like disease"
"hahahahahhaah say only larh you."
"but my chinese name so many nicknames!! sigh..."
..p.s//im not letting out my nicknames cause all of them are REALLY teruk courtesy of lyn.ben and sexay chan.oh..ah keong also.
"but thank God you didnt put names like xue er or something.."

"its a nice name! whats wrong with that?"
"i dont know. so girl!! or maybe i just dont like the ER sound"
"oh..its common put er at the end of your last chinese call children lidat"
later bro explained "er" is like japanese "-chan"..usagi-chan.
"then you mai call me chi er like that?"

"HUH? what?"
"chi er is penguin you dunno meh?"
"wth?! hahahahahahahaahhahahahahaahahahhahaahhahaahahahahahah how can you do this to your daughter!!!! name her penguin!!!"
"aijo! where got people think of the er thing wan!!! so ngam yours is chi er mai penguinlar" starts laughing ..almost hit curb leh mom~_~
"then kent de leh?...yu er.." silence "sounds like EEYERRRRR!!!!"
hahahahahahahaaha*again roar of laughter..can see during red light the car next to us staring

i dont know what brutal strength i have...or its time to change panties.

p.s///YAY!!: D driving lessons start on SUNDAY!! bwahahahahah finally!! insists someone re-teach me. no one wants to sit my car boo-hoo. free ticket to heaven pun tak mau T_T sobs.but no new carT_T have to share with kent..Mom and Dad are getting new cars. BLEAH.

p.s.s//im a banana thus the words are wrote to what i think they look i mean only the "er" word: D

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