Friday, June 2, 2006

i skipped gym today!!!

BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA that deserves to be the title...i dont care: D

eh not being lazy okay? i stayed up till 6am doing dads stuff. er..okay!! maybe i maple a lil..haha: P

in case anyone is interested: D this is the new siew yoke i was talking bout that recently joined the gym to get tortured by the older aunties (hohoho: P sorry older leng luis) and torture young fats like me..: D he really realy looks like that...just not as pinklarh huhu.

until now i cannot get over the fact that his darn watch is too big for his skinny bony day its gonna slip and its gonna fit my hand better: D

and today will be the day i have to help dad with statements and filings eeech* i hate beginning of the month days.~_~



"eh st~~aunt juliana bought lou gong peng!!!"
trust me: D lou por peng nicer...heh heh heh

much later

"estee dear...i think with this monstrous phone bill you are wrecking up", waves the bill all around " soon you will have to resort to smoke signals and bongo drums to talk to your i get myself clear?"

. . . . . i tell you....enviromentalist are gonna come knocking on my door and giving me free phone line forever!!..doesnt sound too bad if that really happens: D

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