Friday, June 16, 2006


it takes only 5 sms-es of sorries(ssss) to make me smile again. wasnt that easy huh? huh?!!: P why didnt you do that on the spot instead of 24 hours later? then 1 sms would be sufficient*grins*

and no. no more baby photos. kns....ahhh!!!stares at photos.eyes go all googly.

anyway i miss my MTV's and channel V's in gym. its been football ever since. i can almost recite all the games and scores. almost. but arh despite how much i hate football..hahahahaha i cant believe i was watching while lifting the dumbbells and screaming when the time was right. GOAL!!!! NOOOO!!!!: D yea. syiok!: D

p.s// the best part is telling out the scores "oh so just slip out of my mouth kinda thing" during gym but loud enough to make sure lean white meat hears it. hahaha cause he watches replays: D and my mom stalks the newspaper. she loves bullying him.

whats this post about? oh i dont know: D a bounce from my "black clouds over my head?" yea: D bouncecbouncebounce*

so genki i need 2 drawings: P

syiok sendirilarh.

p.s///looking forward to July 1st. erm hopefully can go, im very tired of last minute cancellations and no temans. sniff* and july 5th....~_~ howlarh that day. ROAR*

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