Wednesday, June 7, 2006


just found out i have been tagged by nicole bout the 8 qualities i find in my perfect lover ..

erm..cause its 4am now...the only thing i can think now is

1. nice shoulders for me to sleep on!! bwahahahahahahahaha: D

syiok!!: D

woot~: D okaylarh i dont know what i look for in a "perfect lover"..i mean when you are so blindly in love..even though hes not exactly the perfect man. you know the typical girl's list.

must be good. must not smoke. must not be too boring. must be capable. sense of humour. blahblahblah.

you will eventually think hes perfect although you "know" (assume you still knowlarh not so blind until cannot see flaws) hes not perfect. but cause hes yours and just some small tiny things are perfect like how his hands fit perfectly over yours. (er hahah i dont know is this romantic?100 novels cant be that wrong) or how he sometimes so slightly falls asleep next to you...

OKOK i will do the darn 8 things. aiseh....Er...sweats.i really dont know. the only thing i remembered was that my old list, that was made like ages ago was capability. sense of humour. can interect with my dear ones. enjoy food as much as i do and ...must be able to tolerate all roller coaster and sort nots with me HOHOHOHOH!!~

really..upon hearing ben vommiting once he got out of the spinning teacups in Genting...made me feel...AI!!~howlarh?: D sorry ben: D lucky mon also dont sit all these. LOL

so until i DO get my first girlfri boyfriend. i dont think i will really know what i want. besides.. the higher quality the list. the...harder it gets.~_~


ugh* today i overate. DEFINATELY. i ate nasi lemak in the morning. kai fan in the afternoon. heck were the chickens BIG!! HUGE!!!: D and no bones!! bwahahahahahah i heart kai hong yok. and yes: D after 2 weeks i met with sexay chan and gossiped a bit bout her work and stuffs. she seems to be learning a lot from work..despite it to be a 4 ppl company and most of the time shes alone. sweat. eva is an intern in LEO BURNETT in the servicing department.

way to go girlfriend!!!(hahahahaaha sound so seventeen mag)

erm though it was funny to see how important contacts are in this working field. she got the intern through a lady she met for the 1st time and didnt even need to go through any interview. just like that pilipala wrote a resume and got in: D well anything that works: D it is a good opportunity anyway~gambateh Eva!!! (/^o^)/

oh and talking bout nasi lemak..i so miss sri kl nasi lemak.. you know the one sold in the mornings around 11am break. priced at those 11 years inside. from RM1.20..that nasi lemak went all the way up to a freakin Rm2.50(or was it RM2.20) by the time i left school. shockerr!!!~ though the nasi lemak wasnt like SUPERFREAKINLICIOUSLYSALIVATINGGOOD~

it was still ....hahaha theres just something bout sneaking into the secondary canteen to buy it when youre in primary ...and buying it every morning to makan cause you dont want to see another free nyonya kuih. the chicken was hard...HARD. the cucumber sometimes soaked with oil but it was still syiok. Well... i guess its just the company im with eating together: D

i must find a day to go back sri kl and makan that nasi lemak Yoh!!!: D

maybe after i shed a few pounds T_T

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