Sunday, September 16, 2007

in the end...

i did not go for the orphanage thing...-_- it was cancelled. bah.

wasted my entire day doing nothing but spending time with my family. i don't know why but as i grow older i spend more time with my family. i always thought you spend less as you grow older. mine seems to be slightly terbalik-_-

and sundays are really useless nonproductive days-_-

all i can give are reviews. Soon i can give out furniture reviews too. The further we go(oh Sg buloh?!Sweat) the cheaper the furniture gets! so gila. until my parents got all crazy and bought the dining table already, though the house isn't ready till like...beginning of November?*whacks forehead*

ironically, it started out with a "round marble table" in mind. later they decided at RM5k, it was too expensive and looks like kopitiam table. moved to wood/marbled rectangular.oblong.all kinds of marbles. all kinds of wood. from 4k to 2k to RM999(so cheap that my mom almost screamed her last scream)....and then finally settled on a RM1.2k ROUND MARBLE TABLE that looks like the kopitiam one but it is not cause it looks better-_-(as they said)

you do not stop your parents when they've already negotiated. loved it to bits. felt the "this is the one" aura and are the ones working their asses off to pay for it. NOPE. you have the rights to just listen, sit there, throw in some opinions just to show you are at least still there.body.mind.soul. and learn to love the table whether you like it a not.

once home, my brother was screaming like a lunatic at me for not stopping them. LOL. we will survivelarh: P

At least this show has slightly more substance than quite a number of shows. Maybe you can guess the story's twist, maybe not. But all in all, it wasn't all that bad. Instead it can be quite amusing considering it is not everyday you see a good guy who does not have much upperhand at all. But of course, bad guys always lose in the end. one thing's for sure though is the acting. I love both of the main actors acting. If you think the storyline is cliche and too guessable for you, at least the acting will keep you on the seat till the end. really: ) there were clues given for you to guess together, hahhaahah felt like i was gonna solve the case, not the lawyer.

DVD moment
Meet the Robinsons
It was soooo predictable yet i enjoyed every moment of it.
it felt know when you were young? you did not need much to satisfy you. all you needed was a 10 sen sugus.
I don't know. maybe it just touches the kid inside me: D or maybe it was the singing frogs kuakuakua

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  1. Reminds me of the hong kong english names as well ... like coconut hahahahahahah .. meet the robinsons was good :)