Wednesday, September 12, 2007

small talks

Funny moment
sexay chan just called me to tell me that se locked her room keys and house keys inside her bedroom hahahahahahahahahaha: P luckily she has house mates but she cannot balik her bedroom for now. waiting to see whether chest hair eva will be back tonight as she has the spare room key but she is in Muar! must be come back suin pin see her
"Leo Burnett" boyfriend*kuakuakua*
Lazy moment
have been sleeping with my mom past few nights due to the fact that my dad is not home. people might feel weird and even label me as mama girl when in fact"eh, dad not in you have to sleep with me arh! the bed so big nobody very funny"
".....i teach you my daily night activity larh, begolek-golek and berguling-guling: D"

but actually i really like sleeping with mom. not that it means i like dad being out but mom's room had this "shu fuk" feel plus sleeping on her bed feels very hotel-sy.

"it is so hard to wake up in the morning"
"maybe cause you sleep so late? if it's me i will feel very regretful for sleeping so late the night before"
"huhhh. if me i always think, omg why is the weather so beautiful, or why i have to work today or why can't work starts at 11am..?"
".....what kns attitude is that?! like no self realization is your fault that the consequences now is you find it hard to get up"
"mmm i realize it is my fault and everything else that comes in a package!!!"

mom don't want to choi me anymore *laughs*

Thankful moment

i really thank the person who invented water heater T_T i don't know how i spent my primary days taking ice cold baths before school at 6 am. damn gila.

Leng jai moment

yesterday i went to buy CD..or help 40tripleD who is outstation to buy CD? Jacky Cheungla. who else? laughs. apparently boss can get his siggy but we must have his CD*reminds me of how crazy the fans and lee hom's bodyguard are the last time i went to squeeze my self through to get his siggy for chip-_-* anyway, we won't meet him but getting siggy is quite a big deal cause i don't recall jacky having promotional siggy moments at 1-u or sunway.

anyway, went to get the CD which apparently is out of stock last week. went to Atria cause that is the nearest to my house and maybe there would be stock since i don't see many people entering Atria*laughs* gottttt GOT!!!..imported version RM119..malaysia version RM49/59. damn gila-_- although it's for 2CD(s) and 40tripleD said that like that might as well she go and buy his concert ticket and watch him live. hahahahahahaha.

so nope. no CD. as much as i would love to get his siggy. i don't know which album to get. plus usually when i get siggy like these, i will ask around who wants. so...this isn't like a 100% confirmed thing but if anyone wants to try their luck and wants his siggy. tell me, then it will be yours if i really get it: D: D: D either you provide the CD or pay me for the CD.*laughs* already asked prawn don't know who else..-_-

oh yea, the guy that works in the CD shop at Atria: D not bad. kuakuakua. it has been a long time since i have seen a decent guy and a tall one at that!...i like tall guys but i am and will feel terribly short AND they always can see my bald spot..zzzzzz-_- well, it was good washing my eyes while it lasted plus he was really nice to me, my frantic look for the CD must have been quite obvious. laughs*

Sorry moment
sometimes i feel so bad. quite a number of people don't really want me to continue my job cause they want me to explore somewhere else. maybe somewhere within my field or something that will have more in return. my brother's girlfriend's mom searches for me. my mom searches for me. even mopiko's boyfriend in sg does it. maybe a few more that helps once in a while. i feel so bad when even i said don't need. they still do it cause they think it will be better for me plus i really need to get out there and see more people and all. i seriously think it's my lack of confidence and "don't know what i'm doing" that i am stuck here sometimes. ah...-_- oh ya...and they treat me so gets much harder to leave even if i want to T_T
Gila moment
this is when if i do follow them to MacD, Centerpoint tonight-_- decided not to go~ huehuehue: P


  1. faster, go and ask the lang chai for his number...! XD

  2. i used to shower in the morning with cold water... think it's ok la...

    anyway, what is mopiko's bf?

  3. ichi : laughs. i wont do that but maybe i will go back dere?

    zewt: ahahah^^' i think it's just getting use to it. sometimes i will shower in cold water if i really can't stay awake-_- mopiko is a nickname for my friend, monica laughs^^'

  4. i cant wait but to follow up... monica laugh... ??? what is that?

  5. sorry-_- i wanted to type *laughs* as in hahaha