Saturday, September 22, 2007


i don't care what everyone else says.

i freakin' like HAIRSPRAY.

so deal with all my zhao yam chicken singing when i do get the soundtrack.

to me hairspray is almost like this era's comeback of Grease. full of just fun lovin', straightforward, comedy and poppy 60's music. big hair. bold colours. open message. tons of smiles. if you love high school musical, you would like this movie. or make that if you love musicals, chances are you would enjoy and love this movie.

ever since Moulin Rouge, it has been a long time since i enjoyed a musical this much. yesyes, so there was Dreamgirls, but i really did not like Dreamgirls all that much. seriously-_- although i know it was adapted from Diana Ross(is it?) music career. it just did not reach out as much, maybe i am just dying inside to listen to upbeat poppy songs, sing loudly to it and not care bout what all my other friends would say or what looks they would give me(and i would say among all prob. only prawn babe will croon together with me*laughs*)

although the show was a bit long and there was seriously a lot of singing and dancing going on. i thought it would be too draggy like how i felt when i watched Dreamgirls but thankfully maybe cause the "arrangement"(tune?) of the songs suited my taste, i was enjoying. at certain points i wished there were subtitles so i can hum to myself while watching.
*looks the same kan?O_o*

and you have to give credit to the actors of this movie: ) let's not talk bout how high they can hit the notes or how keng the choreography of the dances are. but the thing is when they sing, when they dance, they look so alive and happy and...-_- i mau masuk TV with them. kns. oh i cannot get my mind of Zac Elfron. not that i am a big fan of him but in the show, everytime he was called, he has this *tsk* look. i really don't know how to say it, it's a certain kind of winking that you would see guys ejeking girls or something. hahahah but it looked really cute. like wtf.

and omgggggg. James Marsden was in as well. hahahahaah he actually looks good with gelled 60's hair. some girls were actually screaming at the end credits when he came out. *laughs* and omg john travolta!! the image of him in Grease kept popping into my mind. so wrong. funnily wrong. maybe i was born in the wrong era. i really think everything looks sooooo nice in this movie T_T oh...if you don't like musicals and after all my "oooo" and "ahhhs" over this movie, you still would not budge to watch it, let me tell you. the cinema was FILLED with girls.

and i really mean girls-_-'''

i was shocked myself. if there were guys, either cause the girlfriend/girl friends dragged them(in my bro's case, he was forced), old men or....well..i don't know. no pin pointing here: P so if you are a guy, i suggest you buy a ticket right smack in the middle: D kuakuakua

* i laughed damn loud for this one!*

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