Monday, October 12, 2009

we were order no: 1018

information comes 1st :D

no.11-G, 11-1 & 11-2,
Jalan Mutiara Tropicana 3,
Mutiara Tropicana, 474110 PJ.
Tel : 03-7803 6603
(as long you know where is Jaya Grocer in BU area, you can see it)

i can't believe just yesterday i was telling my baby bro that the corner restaurant looks nice and the next day i'm here sitting while flipping the menu-_- talk bout express. i just blindly asked pocky to see the place so that we can survey and drop by the next time to eat. erm.. in simplier terms, lemme be prepared for the pricing *laughs*

anyway pocky wanted to eat *wtfishingsauce* as i smelled the heavenly aroma of the food-_- right there and then i regretted drinking 2 bowls of soup at 5pm-_- haha. bleah.

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anyway heads up, Green tea RM6.oo same price as Barley Lime, some speciality drink i saw right after the tea was ordered. laughs*

it's scary-_- i have adopted the habit of either ordering water (save money mar..btw mineral water RM4 in the menu) or tea (cause cheap and refillable) that sometimes i miss out better drinks on the menu even if it means paying rm13 for some exotic named druit juice which is actually nothing to shout about sometimes-_- aih.

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Iced Bled Pulut RM9.00

it was.....not bad actually cause it wasn't overly strong in taste but then again if you like the original tong sui black pulut with santan, then skip this. Laughs*

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Nasi Campur Chicken Rendang (or you can opt. for Beef) RM33.00

:D girls will share this plate. d'0h hahah with (clockwise) sate, squid, fish fillet,prawn, some fried keropok thing,chicken rendang, rice, erm..kangkung?
2 plates with sauces and a radish, diced veggie and some coconut sesame thing on the other plate-_- God i'm bad at this. the red sauce was a bit spicy, green was a bit oily but i preferred the latter.
not bad the plate. nothing really to scream about but definitely makes you happy just to see there's so much colour on the plate.

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Dory Fish RM24.oo.
they also had the option of 'something'+'something' (eg.beef + chicken) with mash potato and the works for a slightly higher price bt definitely filling. i mean who won't be-_- pocky had to opt for this cause he was 100% confirm he has to help me finish my food Laughs*

the fish was slightly better maybe cause it was thicker hence juicier, mine was puny anf flat compared to his hahah the sauce tasted like something you would eat with meat O_o

i saw desserts on the menu!!! :D but arg* i was so full i felt like i was gonna deliver anytime and half my time was looking at other people's babies-_- they were carrying their babies around and the babies were coo-ing. so cute! God. not good for the hormones-_-

anyway :D worth the try cause if the food does not appeal to you, at least embrace the ambiance. i can't believe of all things i did not take the place-_- ridiculous. basically felt like bali with all the wood settings and yellow light which is thankfully not too bright nor too dim.

*burp* excuse me.

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