Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Michael Jackson : This Is It

the movie showed me a glimpse of Michael Jackson true self. (which means it did live up to the tagline given for the movie : Discover the man you never knew)

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how humble he is.
he says his thanks and gives his blessings. he spreads the love whenever he can. he also motivates people. at one part he said to his guitarist, "it's your turn (or was it time) to shine. we will be with you". you can actually feel his sincerity when he said it.

how meticulous he is.
how he knows what he wants and how he wants things to be done. he makes sure everything is pin point perfect, not for him but for everyone.

how playful he can be.
he kids around..lightly and i found it cute that he sucks on a lollipop while watching rehearsals haha :D

how talented he is.
seriously, who doesn't know this.

he's truly a performer. he starts dancing once the music starts O_o at 50 with such dance moves....i tell you, i sway worse than a tree.

and of course other bits and pieces of him that i can't simply jot it down here. you would have to catch the movie and watch it, feel it for yourself. the man himself.

everyone knows that Michael Jackson was truly a living talent and this show just proves it even more.

i am pretty sure i head sobbings somewhere in the cinema. it's not surprising to hear them. even for me, i was really deeply moved by the whole movie and it's never too late to praise the King of Pop.

p.s// my mom couldn't stop saying how wasting it is for the whole time she was taking bits and pieces off the film and using whatever footage shown and made up her own mini Michael Jackson concert in her brain while humming to certain songs. also she kept complaining how thin he was haha O_o

p.s.s// Premiers are scary. or maybe just this time around cause the whole Cathay Cineplex Damansara was showing the movie. i got a shock fighting my way through in-_- and then getting my way out of E-curve. *Faints*

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