Saturday, October 10, 2009

not even 24 hours.

i learned that me and my lesbo queen can be damn impromptu-_-

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from a let's do shopformycontactlenseswaxandhavecheaplunchifgottimegowatchsurrogates to spent30bucksonkoreanfoodjusttonotbuyanycontactsbutboughtwaxandtoothpastewentoss2then

it was like all over the place and every shop we went in we spent moo-lah O_o

or more like i made her spend *laughs*

i also learned that a girl can never have too many dresses and one must buy for emergencies-_-
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but erm..i din't Laughs :D i'm still thinking bout it. by the time i think thoroughly, the dress must be gone. then what's the point of thinking. sometimes i really don't understand myself.

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introducing one of the random stuffs i bought. it's a straw with some edible stuffs inside-_- well they are now in Tammy. yes. meet Tammy. my baby bro's girlfriend. never ever leaves his side :D (or more like front)

rushed to watch MOTN at Philharmonic. my first proper orchestra :D surprisingly i din't fall sleep and the most interesting 'thing' to watch was definitely the conductor whose pants keep falling cause he jumped a lot and the ..erm..main violinist? *laughs* cause his face was having so much emotions. you can tell he was really enjoying every single bit of whatever he was doing.


they have Mia Palencia and Roger Wang on Monday night. i can feel it's gonna be good cause Mia's voice is like ...sorry i have no vocab to describe it. can't believe she's younger then me-_- bleah. argh* i wish i was going Laughs.

i also learned that my mom's voice can be of a loud decibel cause when she was sounding me through the phone, people in LRT were looking at me. aiks O_o great lung powerlar ma. must be all that karaoke sessions every Sat.

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