Friday, October 30, 2009

the time traveler's wife

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the golden rule.
books are always better.

hahaha i can't really judge the movie cause the book was more detailed and precised. but perhaps they did well in extracting what was important since so far no one (or whomever i knew that has watched) complained bout it. siu mai even said it was touching and cried. the book was way more touching i felt. yes. they tweaked the ending ever so slightly. but then again, thank God i read the book cause it made me feel clearer in general. lil ms.chicken was asking questions and talking throughout the whole movie (a habit that hasn't changed since form 2!) so i din't really felt the climax etc. of the movie. just enjoying a private girl session with her :P (and felt lucky the guy behind din't kill us for talking so much and kinda loud haha)

not for guys who likes action pack and don't have a tiny bit of emotion in their heart or people expecting high expectations.

as i quote lil ms.chicken, "somewhat in between The Notebook(the better movie) and P.S I love you."

i have to catch the Notebook.

and dammit. now i have to buy or download "500 days of summer".

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oh :D lil ms chicken and i shall thank her for accompanying me to watch this movie with genuine feelings of wanting to catch the movie. *blessed*

Oh and heh* anne:D since you read my blog. her and her "uh-hm" are going on well for now :D i still enjoy teasing her to bits and pieces. catch up on Nov *muarks*

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