Wednesday, October 21, 2009

my sick day

"doctor! i have 2 pimples on my tongue for 3 days already!!! it's painful!" points to the back of my tongue.
""presses it with some ice-cream stick looking thing.."it's some bacteria infection....."
proceeds to press my throat "pain?"
i nodded while trying to make sure that the thermometer does not drop.
"hmm...okaylar no fever..nothing much"
"so..doc why do i have this?"
"...well can be from sharing someone's saliva (when he said, he looked at me as if i just had a hot and heavy session with a guy the night before-_-)...eating...breathing..i don't know..depends."
"....what can i not eat?"
"porridge...mee soup..these kind."
Okay he must have heard me wrong.
"can i eat burger?!"*shiny eyes*
"can i eat ice cream!?" *bigger shiny eyes*
" canLarh-_-...but these 2 days no heavy heaty solids alright?"
i like this Doc just that-_- seriously he doesn't know the meaning of smiling-_- kanasai.

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his nurses lagi "beh tong"
they forced me to eat medication on the spot and started talking amongst themselves. when i tried to voice out about 'something' they notion in sign language to ask me take the medicine and not talk.
well..after i swallow i announced, "i haven't had my breakfast"
priceless faces
"OMG! why you haven't eat! how can you come with an empty stomach?"

why not?!!!
and why not you wanna listen to your sick patient?! omg.

Had ice-cream after that. felt muchmuch better :D

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  1. OMG, u r just damn cute. Seriously! Hope u will get well soon!
    P.S. Pls stop ice cream la. Dengar cakap doktor :)