Saturday, October 24, 2009

peanut butter and jelly

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so is jerry your christian name or? know, actually i wanted Jeffrey
*peanut butter's eyes open widewide*
then how the fish you ended up with jerry?
well...cause i wanted Jeffrey at 1st then i wanted to make those bracelets that have your name? one alphabet per cube? it was famous back then right?
yes jerry..i know. we don't have that much of a generation gap lar haha
okay haha but i had enough for 5 cubes only..and that's how Jerry came along from Jeffrey.
...seriously why didn't you use Jeff instead.
Yahor! why dint i think of that!?

omg so lame lar my other half's other half.


as long that bad boy look of his, beneath is a good guy heart. i'm all okay to pass my other half to you: )

just lemme mormor her dai bei once in a while. laughs

xiexie :D

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