Thursday, October 29, 2009

happy round things

haha sounds wrong :D but i'm sure many happy things come in round *ah-hmm* clears throat (thick skin-nyer)
anyhooooooo..... :D
seee!!!! *shoves the picture to your face*
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super cute :D i mean i have seen a lot on the internet and all but first time seeing one in my fridge. got a lovely shock! +10+10 for baby bro's friend. he's a chef in learning and although pastry/desserts are not his strong points but i realized he does give around (or maybe more to my house) cause my family has very strong sweet 'teeth'.

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lalala :D actually his group of friends are selling them at rm2.50 per cupcake. so cheap! omg. can die. wathe-ef. (they raising funds to buy their chef uniform at rm600 per piece ler)..ouch* the fact that the cupcake was big some more! imagine how much cuppacakes and every other cupcake shop earns *glares* i know lar, pay for design and brand maaa....but mom prefers this. prolly suits older and non sweet tooth people. more cake. less icing. haha i think it serves well with coffee/tea :D i love the deco on top (prolly marzipan) the taste rocks! taste like semi-medicine and i love cough medicine taste *clears throat*

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CREAM PUFF!! look at this baby! oooooozeeeee :D sigh* i just ate it but i feel hungers for another. i'm an easily bribed lil girl.

ordered some for baby and mr.fries's birthday this weekend. might as well have some halloween-ish cupcakes cum birthday cake :D

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