Saturday, October 31, 2009

flower girls on halloween

ms.sexay wanted to get flowers for her ex-boss's wife's birthday.
so off we went in her lil kenari to KL :D
right to the big ass wholeseller shop that my mom always goes to during CNY.
but actually we accidently stumbled onto another shop tucked away in between some alley (unfortunately after we bought our purchases) which had better colour sense with the wrappings (counts one okay!) and the flowers had those glorious smell *bliss*

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look at her in her lil pretty floral dress and happy bright flower colours :P

i almost went berserk seeing all the flowers and how cheap they were. i'm sorry. despite how girls always say flowers are a waste of money. girls will always freaking like flowers. it's like the head arguing with the heart.

sigh* if i had the chance (and the money to get the flowers). i feel like doing what yotsuba did. haha be a flower cupid. basically handing out flowers to random people on the street. but i'm so uncute. i will prolly scare people Laughs*

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have to take lar! :D all the time i was like. FLOWERS! smile. FLOWERS! smile. FLOWERS! smile. lucky i was with her, i worry other people will think i'm a psychotic. can be myself around her more freely *dances*

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:D everytime i see this. reminds me of love and kisses. long inside story. and i would like to keep it that way *laughs*

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happy bright roses! :D don't know who invented the 3 roses = 1 love you etc. very romantic and all i know but to me always the more the merrier and better :D keke and bloomed ones matters too! nicer ma. not meh?!

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walaoeh. since when chrysanthemum so the nice one?

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these are called "keh leh feh" flowers. flowers used to just accompany the main one O_o why?! these are not pretty enough to be main flowers meh?! odd.

i took like gazillion photos more. can't put all up. blogger might ban me O_o

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then a brilliant idea striked up (okay it wasn't that brilliant but at least it solved the what to buy problem) to buy a bouquet for dear baby's belated present and giving a surprise to her by leaving it in her room. sure shock her when she reaches home (which d'oh happened. LOL) the normal old technique that never fails. hahaha :D least expected rocks when the outcome is a good one. (so far i noticed small surprises works. big ones usually don't :P) sad thing bout these roses was only 1 had smell amongst all 12 stalks. mieh.

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the card to be slotted into the bouquet and halloween cupcake :D

ke ai~ :D

and i got to know where to get helium balloons at a cheaper rate then those wedding places -_- imma gonna launch the idea i have been having for a effing long time. i just need someone's birthday now. ROAR*

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