Friday, January 8, 2010


i have to stop watching movies-_- eating up all my time and money. zzz. Thank God nothing new until Feb from the looks of it. for now i only wanna catch Muallaf (ROAR* i will make time. lazy wait for DVD) and surprisingly haven't watch Chipmunks-_-' mieh.
normal storyline, 1 or 2 really laugh aloud scenes and 1 interesting quote which dear ms.bulat obviously forgot -_-
if possible do no watch. i repeat do not watch. hugh grant has acted manymany love stories before(like Notting Hill :D) and this is definitely something worth missing in my opinion. nevertheless, catch it if all you wanna have is a reason so all you can do while watching is snuggle next to your baobei. *uh-hm*

and this is my 1st time talk until we forgot bout the movie timing-_- just to see 930pm on our handphone clocks when the movie starts at 920pm. we were still munching on our food. zzz!!

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