Thursday, January 7, 2010

kill me please

1.hello. meet my long lost friends. wavewavewave* oh hello hiragana, katakana and kanji-_-!! it has been 3 months since i last saw you. how difficult you have grown! 1 hour to read, understand and learn the grammar for 1 paragraph of a short story that just consists of 4 paragraphs *FAINTS* and it's a love story for goodnesssake. i can't believe in 1 paragraph(so it's like what? 3-4 sentences?) it can fully explain how a girl thinks and feels when a relationship is not "confirmed". read edy aso heart and head pain-_-

and a 30 min convo session titling "how to bargain?" in Japanese. hahahaha :D

2."where you went?"
"my son."
"...? what are you babbling about?"

21 means club lar now? laughs* ahhh.. it has been a looooong time since i last clubbed. don't think i will survive inside now. the other day i just drank 1 glass of God knows what was it and i felt like sleeping already-_-'' maybe it's about time i just sit at home, eat ice-cream and snuggle with a book.

"hello. brings. how may i help you?"
"hie! :D may i know what time you guys open?"
i was there from 10.50-11.50am. parking's up. so i left and tarpau-ed lunch for mummy. zzzz!! i want to buy that shoe! CAN A NOT?! ROAR*

", i go see doctor. my ear has been in pain since last 2 days."
"..again?! can you take bath nicely a not? always water go in one?!"
"..haha-_- sigh. ma poorer rm50 lor"
"you ownself ask for trouble wan. how old edy still don't know how to take bath nicely ar?"

"ms.bulat. 5 drops 3 times a day. rm25 please"
in my heart, i was like YES! cheaper!!! :D:D:D
at night, i put only 3 drops and the next day okay edy-_-
wathefishcakesauce. so indirectly that 3 drops was rm25....rm8.++ for one drop. blardy exp wei!!!!
rm8 = 8 McD ice-cream cones. so considering rm25 is 25 cones. that's like my one month's supply of everyday ice-cream dosage-_- indirectly if i wanna contra that rm25. i can't eat ice-cream for a month. this is horrible-_-

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