Sunday, January 10, 2010

money goes-_-

hello. meet my pretty new shoes. they are pretty no matter what you think! -_-!!! rar rar* and they are greeeeennnn *shiny eyes* not exactly green..but green get it lar-_-'' and polka dotssssss. i think my 2010 resolution is buying more polka dots and irritate the hell out of people who doesn't like them *cough* lil. miss. chicken.*cough*

i hardlyhardly buy shoes cause i am a fussy and lazy person. For goodnessake Jelly has more shoes then me and i'm a girl!-_- plus most of the time i end up wearing! nobody better complains i don't shop!!!-_-!!! *shows fist*

half the reason i bought is cause i had extra money to spend. just to find out i lost my uber expensive camera case that is from Japan and made out of real leather. now i am awfully broke T_T aper ni!!!! cehs. so sad okay. sigh*

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