Saturday, January 16, 2010

yellow yellow dirty fellow

"baby bro arhs.. leave some for jie"
"nah..cough people should eat happy colours"

why so cute wan my baby bro!? *picittttt*

primary colours always make me recall secondary school days where we were assigned to a House colour once in Form 1 and will root all the way every year Sports Day till Form 5. oh the horror of "permanent white socks" marks after Sports Day every year!

now die also i won't cheer in the hot sun whole day! (wasn't only cheering was like 3 months of under the sun. run. jump. crawl suffering! O_o)
okay i will. providing i have a BIG ASS HAT, tons of sunblock and mini fan. helps if my ice-cream doesn't melt laughs*

the topic above was something we always said out for fun.
Blue Blue Sticky Glue.
Red Red Botak Head
i don't know why i don't remember Green though-_-''

p.s// walao-eh felt so bad. made ah pek wait for 30 minutes today-_- it has been a long time since i made someone wait that long. bleah. gomenne....T_T

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