Wednesday, January 6, 2010

me and you. just me and you.

:D maybe not. but why not? :D
although ms.rockstarr is right le-_-within 10 min the shop is opened. we can put up the "Close" signboard. alco to her. ice-cream to me.

and ms.sexay very kns wan-_-
"you say wanna tong sui. how did we end up in this kid's place!?"
"kids meh? you got see any kid anot now?"
"-_- " CEH! laughs*

slept with my baby brother bear :D
*happy happy*
hahah yes. i like sleeping with people providing i know them well enough.
spent a great hour talking. HIM TALKING. me nodding :D
so happy. wahahahahaha* you know how siblings are right?! everything also bicker. everything also "yaya whatever." (i will "DISH" the next person that uses that on me)
so to actually have a deep inside heart talk from him :D i feel like .......aiya i just feel happy. like having bedtime story keke.

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