Sunday, January 3, 2010

so fragile

today i went to visit ms.sexay chan's relative in Assunta.
she had a fall in the toilet and now she's under observation cause apparently her skull has a crack line causing the liquid in the brain and blood in the vein to mix together (okay my english and science sucks)

my maths lagi fail. so i can't come up with a simple formula on how it is. but you unlar. final result is she has like some temp. memory loss.

in an hour we were there, she asked about 8 times when is her grandfather coming. her mom answered patiently 8 times that her grandfather is in heaven and has been so since 95'. for 8 times after her mom's answer her face showed pain. like she was gonna burst into tears. however, the emotions last around 30 seconds and then repeats all over again when she asks the question.

it was so painful for me. so sad.

i was so shocked that lil' fall can make you lose urself as a person (indirectly)
robbing your memories, erasing(or confusing) what was supposedly made up of who you are today because of what you had gone through.

please be careful. esp. you ms.rockstarr.

p.s// okay. everyone convinced me that she will be fine and this memory loss thing is normal after having a concussion. still!!! don't wanna see anyone dear to me going through this-_- i'm a worrywart can a not?

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