Friday, June 1, 2007

war at baskins

...It was seriously BAD. i don't think i have waited so long to get ice cream before..nor i have seen so much ice cream lovers before too. baskin robbins must be earning a small fortune every 31st. makes me wanna start a ice cream parlour and have 30% off on the 30th.

quantity marhs.

and looking at the discount rate..unless you are buying "quantities"....really not worth your time to wait for an hour and 15 minutes just to save RM11 bucks.....*hits head* imagine what you can do in that 75 minutes.

or as my daddy says to make me feel worse.

"the amount of money i can make in that 75 minutes can afford many more of your saved RM11"

Thanks daddy.....and there was this lady....loud and...nvm. i just put on my smiley mask and it all goes away. *lies dead at the counter table*

"banggggg..... no. berapaaa niiiiiiiiiii"

sometimes ir eally don't know what i should do.

don't feel like waiting anymore cuase we have already waited so long. it's not like you saved much. somemore wasted tons of time plus the flavours are all running out...but 4 more numbers and it's your turn......if i don't buy maciam time really wasted..on the other hand if i don't buy i saved tons of calories and money..

really wtfishlarhs.

dropped off the ice cream for my mommys and speedlight to another place to visit darlings and concubine alco.

"eh dear, you bought the wrong flavour"
"huh? but that's the jamoca flavour that you like what. there's only one jamoca flavour"
after a while
"wronglarh! why so many nuts wan?"
"i don't know...maybe got but you never realize it cause you always buy cone not tub?"
"..nolarh, it's wrong! but i finish half the tub already"

jiak sai larh this mommy.

a whole quart......i saw......15% left for me this morning.

gone in 120 seconds as breakfast. LOL yums!: P

and "kuku ku" still the pains!!!!!

i still can't believe i said that.

kuku ku(must drag the last ku sound).....yogi bear laughed like crap and 40tripleD almost hit a curb.


  1. Kaka I like that picture! Cute!

    Oh i went there last two months, on the 31st. Was sitting there waiting for about an hour too.

    And i just came back from baskin robbins just now!! Woo~~ Jamoca flavour? I havent tried that before. Will try that next timE!

  2. haha oh u understand^^''

    very long lor 1 hour T_T hurhurhur. its erm...chocolate with something. hahahaha mommy likes it.i prefer others ^^''

  3. First up...I love your drawings and the pastel colours.'s an absolute mayhem on 31st in most Baskin outlets. But...well it's worth it I guess if you managed to buy the flavour you want!!

  4. hahha... u v funny lo...
    on that day my bro also queue and i wait inside the car
    and i get free ice cream muahahah

  5. Mishique : oh tHanks: D and hahaha Well, i bought it for mom...i guess although she insisted it was wrong but at least good to see she enjoyed it: D

    JoleneSiah : Ers hahahhah ^^ you are luckylorh! i dont think i wanna do this anymore! so piantai!~