Monday, June 18, 2007

reviews are back


Ocean's 13.

sypnosis here *click*

cause the bulat once again did not watch the 1st two...and straightaway jumped into ocean's 13...just like pirates -_-

for a freshie like me, i felt ocean's 13 was just like a breeze. everything just flowed according to the show, nothing really interesting yet it was not bland either. really...on the dotlarh. terlalu balanced in fact. hahahahaha cause nothing for me to bitch bout. yet nothing for me to shout about.

it's like there were a few parts that are really funny and you really will have a good laugh(hmm..prob. half of it came out in the trailers: P) and at some parts you will just go "okay let's move on, this is so cliche already".

no. i mean i am NOT a brad pitt fan.

can't tell why is he so leng jai to others. oops*

anyway, to it if you loved ocean's 11 and 12. i guess. i mean isn't it one of the reason why they came out with ocean's 13? O_o or you are a brad pitt fan or if you have no other movie to catch or simply too much money to spare if worth your RM10...RM6 maybe?: D

.doing what they do best..pan yeng: P.

200 pounds beauty.

this to me was another cliche story but nevertheless, this is more enjoyable and at least it reaches out and touch people's feelings..and minds? hm...well, if sexay chan can shed a few tear drops...ultimate rare.

Read the sypnosis here *click*

what is there not being cliche about? a superplus size girl with a great big heart that falls out of love and feels so down in the dumps that she reckons the only way is to have major plastic surgery/makeover/diet thus supposedly giving her a happy ending now that shes beautiful but realizes that shes lying to herself and everyone else, making her life more miserable than when she was fat and suddenly realizes that happiness comes from within.

yarh... something like that. give and take. pepper and salt. vinegar. mint leaves.

don't know bout movies but this is definately manga-ish storyline. oh..prob real life too. i wonder how many girls out there suffer this same ordeal. how many got through. how many didn't. how you don't have to be 200 pounds to feel that, just be slightly over than 105 and hear thy words " Oh i feel so fattttt" while pinching....whatever they can. how people pinch their nose everyday and wish they were sharper and smaller.

i look at 40tripleD boobs everyday and wish i have bigger boobs.

.somehow she looks cute, but then again every fat girl is regarded as cute.

while there is a difference between just "plain complaining" and really in great depression. i wonder how other girls felt. okay i don't know how sexay chan felt. but being fat's really painful and satisfying to watch this movie at certain points's all making me even more sexist than i already am. alamaklah. it's matter how much they wanna tell that it's okay to have flaws. it's okay being fat. it's okay being yourself. somehow, society has stayed this way and i don't think it's gonna change for quite some time.

and this applies for girls and guys unfortunately. though girls case seems somewhat more serious.

. jengjengjeng i think the poster behind is her. hahahahaha.

but Thank God, cause it is a comedy. it wasn't like stabbing through my heart. just bits and pieces of past that keep floating back in...seriously, it's not nice being fat and it wasn't easy as well. and seriously speaking, yes. it's the inside that counts in the end... ahahahahahahahah. im really serious. but....without the outside, i guess it's hard for the inside to shine as's like buying a product of the get what i mean.

though, there is this one part that really caught my attention..."guys don't mind plastic surgery but not on their girls".....why ah?? why why why? don't understand. please amuse me somebody. i have a whole list of theories..but i think i will die typing it out.

.damn funny the way she walked.

for a korean drama, this show is actually pretty good. cause to me korean dramas are somewhat slow and sometimes the humour is not quite there. but somehow this was at a right pace and brings in aspects like family(they really matter in the end) friends( they mean it when they care for you) love (no matter how hard you try, you can't somehow force someone to love you) plus the main actress, Kim A-Joong can really act. she just puts on the right "emoticons" haha and it's creepy to see how different you can look with...fats-_-

. she actually sang 2 songs.

ah but few things that i really like is the music *surprisingly ..erm poppishly catchylarhh....layan my tatse can?* and...the DOG. so THE CUTE. if i ever get the a dog, she must learn that trick!!!*ROAR*Bang!! ohoh and the main actress's wavy hair....and her dresses know what. i feel like watching it again suddenly. KAKIS ANYBODY?

*Ngeks* load the song please. yes that is the main actress(Kim A-Jung).. somehow looks like shu qi right?: D and the ending..? hahahahha it's like disclosing that girls wear push ups.

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