Sunday, June 3, 2007

a day's sitting

today was like a deja vu of last weekend.

Last saturday, i spent a grand total of 14 hours in 1-utama.
Today, i repeated the same...well, 13 hourslarh but who's counting.
and out of that (14+13) = 27 hours. i spent a grand total of......*counts* least 13 hours in the cinema.(O_o;)

that's like.......a 3 month old baby's sleep.
or an average of 2 good nights sleep.

aiks. its actually more....cause i spent my monday at MV re-watching blades of glory (or as my friend says..the GLory of Blades) and on Friday watching I don't want to sleep alone(黑眼 quan).

I definately spent more than 13 hours in the cinema then.

i don't know it's a waste or time or food for my soul did i not go kookoo after all this. esp was one show after another. even the ticket collectors were suspicious of us....-_- doesn't help that the shrek ears are making them look ridiculously funny hahaha

Oh....yes, this is expensive investment btw: P

.from left-clockwise.
.Avenue mome.You're so Beautiful.The Science of Sleep.

GSC should sponser us and we can write reviews....ever since catching "the beat that my heart skipped". there was no u-turn and me and sexay chan have been chasing french movies ever since. dahlarh this lady saw the wrong "pricing"...she thought it was RM5 per show...neberminds. though there was..i think 7 shows, we only watched 4 due to the fact we don't have the time...but priceless is still on and i think we might catch it next week then *laughs*

what more than to complete ourselves with other "international" shows as well.

each was equally good in their own way and frankly speaking not even any of the french movies that i have watched so far is similar in anyway....maybe it's me..but i enjoyed each show very much : )

sypnosis will be up later for the movies. i loved "The Science of Sleep" so much that i actually went to buy "Eternal Sunshine" DVD cause it was by the same director. siao a not? Sweats.

that reminds me..... i have 6 Pirated DVDs that are each different( looked so from the sypnosis and cover) Half of them i don't even know such show existed....and....who's up for a home movie marathon?


This is what happens when you have 4 girls with no boyfriends.


and of course french addiction.

Oh! who's up for shreklarhs!*wiggle eyebrows* and of course, thousand aplogies for people i did not spend time with(;_・)

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