Wednesday, June 6, 2007


*how to make zhong-recap from last year:click*

guess what i ate early morning.

Zhongs!!!! and manymany of 'em.

and yar. uncle cracking lame jokes early morning too.

"yao zhong chi zhong" - mau "zhong"(kena) mesti makan zhong....."zhong" what? lottery larh....

i don't know why when i typed SIEN's like...weirdlarhs.
"sien arh sien arh.."(bored arh bored arh)
sorry too early to come up with a lamer joke.

there are different zhongs with different fillings inside. know which is which?: D *trivia quiz*

the fats make it ALL worthwhile. hahas

my grandma's famous zhong!! it's under "sweet" category, i can eat 6 of these in a day when i was half i also cannot.


if anyone got Zhongs, do not hesitate to donate them to me, i will remember you FOREVER wan!! serious. cause i was telling my mom who makes the best Zhong and i SERIOUSLY remember: P

But sadlarh, as i grew older things that i thought i loved like my grandma's nyonya zhong doesnt suit my tongue anymore. it tatse the same... but my tongue was craving for a tuna sandwhich when i ate it ._.

felt so bad.

Well, 40tripleD loves it though..ate my share too hahahaha : D

and the legend is what? people put messages into ba-changs?...or is this the mooncake legend. Zzzzz.


  1. eh, I also ate a zhong yesterday... 2 in fact, for lunch. I dont like zhong that much, so I will donate to u some la... if u come my house! XD

  2. omg. i am so hungry now! my saliva..... yum yum!

  3. ichi : Wahahahah~ aiks. ichi ur house how far u noe!maybe u can DHL it: P i pay for postagelarhs. i like zhong cause only once a year..^^'' actually i supose to like it cause once a year or..something tat i like so i want to eat everyday..blur*

    vvens : hahaha ops >_<