Monday, April 2, 2012

of finding humor in the midst of seriousness

Title aside....Am not going to brush my teeth tonight cus I just noticed a big ass cockroach at the toilet mirror the moment I on the lights T_T damn effing
big okay!!! I was practically chanting 'don't fly... Don't fly..' If it does fly... I tell you, the whole neighborhood is gonna!!

And ironically after telling the whole world that I have not been going to the movies lately.. I watched 'Mirror Mirror' today after watching 'A Simple Life' yesterday.

Although a somewhat predictable storyline despite the tweaking to the original Snow White story. The movie left everyone laughing throughout, although I cannot claim it will be everyone's cup of tea.

But for me, since I usually feast with my eyes. Visual wise was very captivating and colourful (think Alice in Wonderland colourful?) thus *uh-hm* biasly, I will like the movie haha There were some bits and pieces of the movie you would never thought of as well. You will have to watch it to see if it suits your taste.

I also liked how they put Snow White in a much stronger character in comparison to the 'normal Grimm/Disney Snow White'. In this movie, it's more to Disney's Rapunzel;Tangled or Frog's Princess where the main girl character nowadays has more guts and brains, (or at least try to be one and break away from the norm) and not just sit around waiting for prince charming to come along.

All in all, watch with zero expectations in mind. Get over how distracted you are gonna be for the first 5 min of the movie due to Snow White's thick eyebrows. Still get awed by Julia Roberts in every way. Indulge in the simple humor and colour of the movie.

Last but not least, wait for the credits. Or you can just watch it here. *laughs* I personally liked it.

Actually, if you have watched and enjoyed 'Bride and Prejudice' (the parody wan) you will enjoy 'Mirror Mirror'.

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