Friday, April 20, 2012

iPad Drawings

Can't remember the last time I drew anything!O_o Read Sixpegs and decided to try her app reviews. Almost killed myself drawing with my index finger, am 0.3mm close to "slicing" my finger so it's a pencil shape instead of a sausage one-_- Dammit. Laughed at ms.57 for buying the touchpen. Now I want one!-_- But it was damn fun drawing despite doing damn a lot of mistakes cause I kept forgetting to press the pencil/eraser button when I needed either-_-
I looooveeeeee Gong Cha! not sure it's cause if it's nice or cause it's not easy accessible. *laughs* but it's really all bout the special foammmmmm! milk moustache?! *grins* and I had it TWICE today! :D wheeeeeee-ness! though so 2nd time was actually ms.Chan who came over and she passed her half drank one to me cause it was too sweet even though no sugar! O_O Green tea seems fine to me. Seriously, why is 70% more sugar labeled as "LESS SUGAR" ?? 30% sugar is labeled as "LITTLE SUGAR"?? Confusing sial! I always order wrong-_- or my england got problem?!?

"You've got BOMBED!" was the first sentence ms.Chan came said while thrusting the cards to me. It was DAMN CUTE LAR! It was done in a postcard format with different photos in front for you to choose and details behind. ms.Chan chose Disneyland for me (YAYYYYYYY! and New Zealand backdrop for ms.Lyn. Only people from the design industry/people who really go all lengths for their day! I tell you I can count with one hand how many bombs I have actually received bombs before. SO SAD RIGHT? I got friends who actually STOP their friends from giving them any more bombs! *meh* The fact that I don't actually work outside makes the whole receiving thing wayyyy slower! T_T Actually ms.Chan and I don't even know why I am invited....but wthemaggisauce he made my day!! :D
Haven't been talking to ah pek since Tuesday. He has been rushing work and the fact that he has training this Saturday makes him even busier I guess? But I did receive a EMOTICON only (-_-) on LINE today and poor thing. Hope my ah pek gets well soon :):):) Old people cannot sick arhhh....

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