Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dark Flight 407 : movie review

Dark Flight? Seriously? LOLS :D everyone knows I watch horror through my fingers or shawl. This time around, I was still doing that but LAUGHING THROUGHOUT. (Gotlarh. In the beginning, I got a small fright. But that was forgettable soon enough!) Ms.Chan said she just wasted 2 hours of her life! For me, with all that laughing, I think I will live 2 hours longer then normal HAHAHAHAHA :D 

Pity mom though, she is a big fan of horror and it has been eons since her scaredy cat daughter said okay for a horror and this is what she got. aiyooooooo~ When mom was buying the tix, she said "you prolly won't sit planes after this leh!" Really mom? If the ghosts look like the ones in the movie, alike zombies instead of ghosts, I think I will just blast Thriller for them. "Snakes on a plane" is really more likely to happen lorh.

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  1. I just had to click on this link. XD I watched the movie also, and thought it was ALL genre rolled up together and it wasn't scary at all! XD Got comedy, romance, action and horror one. Hehehe