Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Opika Organic Market Restaurant @ 1 Utama

No. 105 & 106, LG One Utama (OLD-NEW WING)
(Located Somewhat Opposite of Noodle Shack/Ninja Joe's)
Tel : 03-77322581

I remember seeing the big ass "Under Renovation" signboard. There were hand drawn fishes on it and I thought it would be another fish & co. kinda restaurant and actually...the reason for going in to eat in the first place was because Opika was one of the rare restaurant that did not have a queue outside-_- Weekend dinners at 1Utama is scary. Another reason I guess is because Opika is surrounded by shops/restaurants (other then Hokkaido) that cost half the price to eat a meal. Love organic restaurants that sells products in within the restaurant :D hahah can shop while waiting for the food (which I didn't this time around cause I was directing ms.lyn who was stuck in carpark B2 for 30 minutes trying to get parking) 

Mushroom soup RM15.00

This is the kind of mushroom soup that when you pay for it, you don't feel cheated. laughs* clearly not the diluted Campbell soup kind with extra obligatory canned button mushrooms. My mom ESP adore these kind of mushroom soups (you know, real blended mushrooms in it) and be careful with the biscuit (the long stick, sticking out of the soup) cause I tried to break it, resulting to it breaking alright, but splashing it all over my ah pek too.... Sorry... *puppy eyes*

Quinoa Salad RM20.00

I did google a lil bout the restaurant before I wrote this post and arh... I realized everyone ate this salad hahahahaha the moment I asked the waitress what was quinoa. She explained it together with 'I guarantee you it's very nice, you won't regret it' of course you will automatically reply her 'okaylah' so maybe that's what made everyone else ate the same salad hahahah or maybe i was the only dumdum in this whole organic thing cause my health freak friends certainly knew what was it when i mentioned it-_- it was really good though. Finished in an eye blink-_- the mangoes and avocado inside made it finish faster (cus everyone wants a bite of those chunks!)

Aglo Olio with Salmon RM35

Taste was normal to me. Then again am no big fan of pasta but mom seems to enjoy it well enough. I guess it's good for anyone who wants a light but 'nutritious' meal. Or should I say it suits people who are careful of their diet. At the very least, it feels light and doesn't make you feel very round after.

Confit of chicken RM30.00

I'm the last person to judge pricing cause in my family of 4, I'm the only one who doesn't do any house "market-ing" (buy groceries at wet markets haha) but 30 bucks seems expensive for a thigh, no? But if you close an eye and put that aside, yummmmmss wei. If I remembered correctly, the sauce was a blend of pumpkin and pineapple. Ms.lyn was put off by the description at first but she was also the one who ended up with a damn clean plate! Down to the sauce which were scrapped clean with her fork. Never ever judge with the eye, it's always the tongue and tummy's duty.

Apple cake with walnut crumble and vanilla ice cream RM12.00
(omg, i deserve to die for this blurred photo-_-!)
Crunchy outside, couldn't really see/feel walnuts, soso on the inside. Mediocre apple cake for me. I definitely have eaten better apple cake (or apple pies) then again most of the best ones are always home baked. Maybe the fact that it's home baked and not for sale makes it all better hahaha

For me it was a lil on the pricey end but I guess it's forgivable since Opika is an organic restaurant. For me who judge food through my tummy, it was satisfying (for me the portion was just right, not sure bout big eaters though) I think in general anyone would enjoy the food; taste and visual wise.(Not that sure bout desserts though)

Actually all the more you should just go nownownow! Because they have an effing 15% off!!! (till i don't know when!) Even some of their fruit juice is on discounted price. Who doesn't love discounts? Okaylah, I don't know bout you guys but to me is like angels dropping star cookies. We saved around rm18 for the above bill. That's like...........2 weeks worth of McD ice cream sundae. Every.single.day. A sundae a day makes me happy in every way~

Okaylarh. Fine! That rm18? You can order an extra soup or dessert with change for your 4 hours 1Utama parking. Clear enough how much 15% is ba!

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