Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just Pie - In the Cold

Passed by Just Pie quite a few times in MidValley. Never crossed my mind to try it..just because. But if it was "JUST TARTS"...gonna be a whole different story altogether! :D yums*
Today, mom decided to just drop by...well..just because too. O_O next thing I knew, mom asked if she can buy the frozen pies cause she ain't gonna wait 30 minutes for the pies to be baked. Surprisingly the staff said "Yes." and what more, because they were frozen and it's kinda like D.I.Y to bake them, each was RM1.40 cheaper.
The lady was so nice to even throw in 2 curry puffs (cause someone ordered and backed out at the last minute) and extra 2 small pies FOR FREE O_O (have i ever mentioned my mom has gotten free brownies and extra cake from TGIF before?!...)

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