Monday, April 9, 2012

Aquaria KLCC

Not suppose to snap, but I sneakily did anyway.
Everytime ah pek brings up the topic of bringing me to Aquaria, I will always decline. There is a reason behind it and I just want him to have Aquaria's memory as it is for him. But this time around he was veryvery persistent. In fact, he and I had a lil tug of war right at the entrance for both of us were stubborn in our lil ways. I gave in in the end... *pouts*

I was paying more attention to this lady's tudung. It is Cat print! so cutttteee!! 
Aquaria KLCC is a place I would not recommend unless you have children (fr you know education purposes) or have really too much time to kill. Maybe I was at fault for comparing it to the ones overseas (I especially remember the one I went to at perth when I was 9. Or maybe everything looks better when you are 9 haha the world was a much more colourful, less tainted place) and somewhat the whole had this dullish colour instead of happy vibrant hues(think lil mermaid??) It was also upsetting to see not that much varieties of fishes. In fact the fish tunnel to me was the most disappointing of the whole Aquaria considering its suppose to be the highlight of the place usually. am this close to taking my marker and drawing extra fishes on the glass.

Spot the froggie!

Information wise was sufficient. Although it's suppose to be an underwater world but they do have few reptilias, bugs and mammal as well. I was dying at the sight of reptiles, I was clinging on to ah pek for my dear life despite them being safely locked up behind display units.

You purposely bring me here so that I won't let go of you wan isit??*still clinging to him like some koala bear from behind oblivious from the nearby kids and foreigners stares*

Where got! I damn nice let you pok mong okay? Im the one at rugi here!


I guess for the both of us in the end of the day, it's just another activity that we do together so we can have many random memories to bring up the next time around/in the many years to come. But in all honesty for the rm35? I think I'd rather it be spent for a play at KL PAC. Shhhh*

But I was happy happy to see this tunnel link ontheway to Aquaria. This tunnel is even more interesting and at the very least colourful compared to Aquaria-_- can't believe I just said that after the prolly millions spent to build Aquaria. This isn't even Aquaria's work. It's an ad Samsung Galaxy note came out with.

Ah pek obliged to my random photo taking. Hahahahaha I don't know ist because of age or cause he doesn't really do all these to begin with. So he always stares at me one kind when I have funny requests. (which in my defense it's very normal if you enjoy taking shots anytime out there!)

I love the fact that he's easily 'conned' and he doesn't mind retaking the shots many times after seeing how cute it can be :P Cute what! Not cute meh? My ah pek not cute la :D After 30, cannot use the word cute dy. (you know it's hard not to call him ah pek when I am with his friends? cause all of them same age! although I don't mean it and call it out of affection but still...)

KLCC is the home to one of my most fav place in the world!! Ah pek says its the most dangerous too haha to both our Wallets :( now that I think of it, Aquaria's tickets should be used to buy any random book instead :p

I have a dream for this place I love so dearly but ah pek says its highly impossible. T_T Either I really have to talk and bat my lashes too, to get my way through or pay through my nose for it. Honestly, I would gladly do both to have my dream come true Hahahahha not saying what it is though :P *shy*

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