Monday, May 28, 2012

8 years gap

From today onwards till my birthday (make that 6 months) me and ah pek are gonna be 8 years apart instead of 7 LOL :D

Just find it fun bullying him about it. Dahlarh he feels old enough, I just had to add salt, pepper and soya sauce. But with this, means family is gonna ask even stronger and persistent on when are we gonna settle down. nu....T_T

Anyway, happy thoughts please! Happy ah pek day!! As old as he is *uh-hm* may everyday be happyhappy and healthy! :D

Did veryvery ordinary stuffs (like eating Fish&Co.) cause the girlfriend did not plan anything *hides* Though it IS ah pek's day. So he can do whatever he wants and that includes purposely going to Tropicana just to eat his fav, Ninja Joe's.

Did not even do a birthday card O_O
On top of that, I just realized WE DID NOT EAT ANY CAKE NOR BLOW ANY CANDLES!


It's one of the only few reasons I get to actually eat cake since he doesn't like 'em! He managed to escape it!!! -__- *pift* kns. Am gonna buy a big cake for our monthsary and blow candles-_____- and make wishes! meh.

Actually the most stressful thing was thinking what to buy for ah pek. So difficult. If I had all the money in the world then it would be easier. 5 day trip to Maldives. Sure he happy till pengsan. I will wish that when we blow our monthsary candles then LOL

Ah pek insisted time and time again that he does not want/need anything other than my happiness (awhsssss) but NO, I wanna buy present! I love shopping! Why don't lemme shop?! ROAR* Birthday is an excuse that I can fully abuse! wahahahahah*

In the end settled for Birkenstock which I know for sure it's worth every penny cause once he uses something, it's FOREVER. So loyal!-_- *throws BATA slippers away*

And ....Laneige Skincare Set.

I know right?! Like whathepokercards?!? I don't know what was going through my mind when I bought it. T_T LOL. Manly man needs no skincare wan right?!! roar* Either way he better not have super smooth skin after using it! (Not like his skin isn't nice now.) I will be very sad....LOL T_T

Yes, the most extravagant thing I did was, drew a simple manual for him on how to use the skincare set with random ramblings at the end just to fill the space up....


kns. Better start planning for Christmas!


  1. Hahaha many years age gap is good leh!! Means the guy much more mature and ready to settle down. :P

  2. 8yrs still ok. not yet reach 10..... hahahaha