Wednesday, May 16, 2012


And that was how baby bro answered me when I could not understand what was so great bout Diablo and why my Facebook was filled with "Brace yourselves, Diablo 3 is coming!" posts in my feed. Not to mention half the people I know all taking leave just for this! What more when I saw girls that I used to play Ragnarok /  Maplestory with were playing too O_O

Baby bro not only took leave but he also came back with a spanking new laptop! O_O


Well, all's well for me cause it means his old laptop is now mine 100%!! muahahahaha!
Yes, we have been sharing laptops since forever
and yes, I am the older one but I am taking the hand-me-downs. That includes my Sony Ericsson handphone -_-!!

I bet my brother's chair has never felt so much love before now that he's constantly sitting there...not moving..-_- up to a point where he called me from upstairs (by handphone) just to ask me bring milk up for him-_- mehhhhhhh.

Can't blame / nor say anything though cause I knew how addicted I was when I played games back then.


-_- aik. forgot to bring his milk up. meh.

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